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    You know I have felt very alone with my views of druidry, like no one understands me, and it is really refreshing to read people like Lora O’Brien and Jon O’Sullivan, who back up the kind of stuff I have been saying, and O’Brian knows her shit. If you get a chance you should check out her web page, just google her name. she also can be found from a link on amazon, where she has a lot of books for sale. Look, I am not the only one who has questioned the online druid programs. There are a lot of people in druidry questioning the same stuff I am. I feel the more you question the stuff the wiser you will be, and you sure are not going to get any wide range of views over at obod, who by the way I think are kind of braindead. Druidry really has some great spiritual stuff going for it if you don’t limit yourself to the online courses, that for the most part are in it for the money. I mean think about it, just do the numbers and you will realize how much obod is taking in.