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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Just finished my First Survival Hiking Stick:

    Survival Walking Stick
    The Capsule on the top was made from a Ibuprofen Medical Bottle and contains:

    Survival Kit:
    – 2 Chocolate Balls,
    – 3 Matches,
    – 2 Small Candles,
    – Compass,
    – Whistle,
    – Small Knife,
    – Small Chunk of Fire Starter,
    – 2 Band Aids,
    – Micro Flash Light,
    – 2 Water Purifying Packets,
    – P 38 Can Opener

    It is made from an Alder Tree Branch that I Harvested on July 31st from the Grounds of the BVS Temple on a day that I did Sramadana. That day, I mowed the Lawns and gathered some Echinacea.