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    I don’t think druidry is a religion, I think it is an exploration into spirituality. When so many people have so many different ideas about what druidry is, I don’t feel that you can call druidry a religion. but there are many people who are interested in exploring the spirit in nature and the consciousness of nature, and this is one of the things druids are up to. if someone calls themselves a druid, I feel that they are saying that they are spiritual pilgrims, seeking the magic, and wonder, and love that is all around us. to say you are a druid is to say you are a person who believes in basic human rights, and that you are not a sociopath who disrespects others rights. druids are very human; we respect others views and values, at least most of us do. druidry will make a better christian of a christian, and a better buddhist of a buddhist. druidry opens us up to new ways of thinking and enjoying nature. and don’t be surprised if you meet druids who will tell you that the faery kingdom is real and not a ride at Disney land. Or druids who have been changed by the Celtic goddesses. We are all connected, and that means the way to a better world is through respecting each other and even little forest toads, who are very cute. you may find druids who can cross over to the Celtic Otherworld, or can travel the astral planes, flying to different places each night. for sure, once you get the druid inspiration you never want to go back to being a non druid. and yes we do like spiders and snakes, because we do not think we are any better than them, and that they have as much right to be here as we do. and we are never alone because all is connected. further, humans can do a lot of cool stuff, and have more ability than they think to see into the future, or change the world. Druidry makes us more alive, druidry adds life, not phosphoric fizzy drinks. Best the pilgrim star tree from the wasteland.