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    so, if each person is responsible for defining his or her spirituality, then someone could say I am a christian and be a really great person with trying to make the earth a more ecological place to live, and stopping global warming, the key is that he or her decided what christianity means and does not let some church priest or church cop tell them what christianity means. the same is with druidry, we each need to take from druidry the things that we thing mean something to us, for some people may believe in reincarnation and others not. This is why we can stand together, and it is something the the obodians claim they do, however, I did not find it this way when I was on their site. tolerance is a great thing, but it does not mean you should be a pushover, and sometimes love is more important than being right. I have agreed with all kinds of things that I did not think were right so I could be loved, and I would do it again if I thought my family would disown me. Love is important, and we all need to be loved. It is terrible living in a hateful family. also, if the government ever threaten me, I would do whatever the government wanted. I am no hero, I am just a bard and artist who enjoys peace and love. and kindness can save the day if we will carry no ill will. that is why it is so important to get in touch with how you really feel, so that you will not explode when you are pushed, by those button pushers in your life. best star tree