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    I have met lots of people who say they are druids after 6 Guinness Extra Stouts, and these same people often say they are gay after 12 Guinness Stouts. red necks are the same way, the more they drink, the gayer they get. Still, few druids believe in faeries, and most dismiss them as folklore, and myth. Not me, I know they are real, and myth is real to me, it just means a type of story with heroes and otherworld animals in it. But many druids do not believe in the otherworld, because it is just too much for them to handle. and it is not worth wasting the energy on people who don’t believe in the Celtic Otherworld. if fact it is better not to try, but what a world they are missing out on. anyway I am gland I don’t drink, who needs it, who needs the hangovers, or the stupid behavior, or not remembering how you got home, or even the fight you got into that now is the reason you have fewer teeth.