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    still the best definition I have heard of druidry is a druid is a hippy with a drum, and I think that is what druids are. and where else would the spirituality of the 70s find a home, plus what is wrong with the 70s spirituality of get back to nature. if you read the writings of Ross Nichols, I think you will find that his message was you need to get back to nature, so goodby yellow brick road, and hello country comfort. now, yes there are druids who are in it for the history and authurian life, and there are druids who are raving christians and want to mix druidry with Celtic christianity, and the lost city of Zion, and the motley crew, let’x not forget them, but I thought the best thing about the 70s was the hippy spirituality, and oh yes the sex, back before aids the party was in full swing, and free love was real. still, there are some druids like me who are clan members of the tuatha de danann and our tour of druidry is very different that most of the party goers. and then there are the ego trippers, who live for rank and chiefdomship, which I would wish on no-one. but some people like the power, not me. druidry is under a big umbrella, or should I say brolly.