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    I am starting to feel like the term druid, is not really a term that has much to do with ancient druidry, it is more of a term for people who are interested in earth magic, faeries, and living a better lifestyle, one thing for sure is that most folks live in a hierarchal society, where everything is looked on as the great chain of being. I say eff that. monkeys are just as evolved as people, respect the monkey. plants are probably more evolved than us. I know a cat named calico cat, and she is very proud of being a cat, and her cat ears, and her cat tail, and she let me know it that I am no better than she is just because I am a human, and she always tells me that cat ears are better than human ears, and that I don’t have a tail. however, I do think cats are bit obsessed about showing off their assholes, and yes assholes are two things that cats and people have in common.