Reply To: What a transformational expereince!

Jen Bottom

    Hi Tom, I’m glad you’re finding the course so enjoyable.
    as a small child I had a few violin lessons, but a combination of many factors (including a teacher who unfortunately didn’t want or have the time to teach a blind student) put me off.
    A few years ago I bought an old violin in a secondhand shop on a whim.
    Luckily I also managed to find an amazing violin maker and restore nearby who was very reasonably priced and it turned out that once the instrument was fixed up it wasn’t terrible.
    I’m having lessons as an adult learner and although I find it very challenging I am enjoying it.
    It might not be apparent in my final Submission for the course, but I am making progress and it gives me so much joy when I complete a note or two that don’t sound like dying fighting cats.
    Also I’m really glad I can give my Violin a second chance at having some sort of life if that makes sense?
    When I took it for some repair work it was pointed out to me that somebody had obviously loved it enough to have the neck graft it back on.
    This is despite it having a label and probably coming from a French factory around the turn-of-the-century.
    The fact that somebody had either the money desirable skills to do that makes me want to keep playing it for as long as possible and hopefully get to a standard that the instrument deserves.
    Piece and best wishes,