Reply To: Bardic Journal

Jen Bottom

    Hi everyone,

    I’m visually impaired, so paper books don’t work so well for me.

    I did think about using Braille, but then I would have to store it all and I already have way too much Braille stuff from my Uni days etc.

    I use a note taking app, and have different folders.

    Currently I have the following:
    BDO, OBOD, Chaos Magic, Dreams, Heartwood (for the herbalism course I’m studying), Cornish (for the language learning lessons I’m taking with KDL).

    I do play music, but I haven’t made anything original.

    I run and co-host a couple of small folk sessions in Berkshire UK and have been working my way through a few instruments.

    I’m learning to play the fiddle, but I don’t practice as much as I probably should, so it’s taking a while.

    I do enjoy it though.

    Perhaps I’ll commit to recording something and posting it at some point.

    I did one small recording for my obod related Bardic stuff but it took a lot of will power on my part.

    Right now I’ll be happy if I can memorise some Cornish language poems to perform at the next grove ritual I am able to get to.

    I’ll stop rambling now before this gets even longer.

    Peace and best wishes,