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Jen Bottom

    Reading through this discussion there seem to be three strands.
    1. Who were the druids based on archeological records and first hand sources.

    As far as I am aware, we don’t have much in the archeological record, and the sources were mostly produced by the romans, or others who may have been writing with the view of dis-crediting the tribes they were waging war against.

    That doesn’t mean they have no value, but it’s important to keep this in mind.

    2. Folklore and myth from areas that still posess, (or posessed at the time of writing) a Celtic language.

    Again we have to be careful how we utilise these sources, because they were written after the Iron Age Celts no longer existed in their pre-roman form, and there is sometimes a christian lens at play.

    3. UPG.

    UPG is great, but everyone has to remember that their UPG is not going to be someone else’ss.

    It’s very individual.

    For example I concentrate on Brythonic myth and archeology, so for me the statements about Druids coming from Irish deities and beings is not true.

    That doesn’t mean it’s not valid though, it’s just not my personal truth.

    Also, what someone decides is or is not a Druid, may depend on how much of a CR (Celtic reconstruction) angle they take.

    For example, you might say no one can call themselves a Druid, unless they work for a leader in the capacity of being their lawyer, judge on cases involving them, are their healer, or help them with divination.

    So to sum up, it really depends on who you’re talking to and what rules they are using to define ‘druid’.

    You could even use the meaning of the word (based on what we define that as today) to define what a Druid is.

    Peace and best wishes,