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    there is no reason to think that some of the Celtic Gods were not the same as the roman gods, and by the way there were many Celtic Gods and they went all the way to Asia Minor, and down into Egypt, and many Celtic tribes, and different kinds of Celtic tribes, but the stories we have were written by the christian monks around the 5th cen and onward, and the stories are full of christian reference, so what, the stories are still largely authentic, plus it turns out that Lugh was the roman god mercury, which makes lots of sense, as Celts, we love fine craftsmanship more than the germans love engineering, although, the mini is a looser car, but the Celtic art is fine stuff, and we love that stuff. Lugh is the god of the crafts people, so august 1st is the day of the craft and art shows, but more important, lost my train of thought, oh, the Celtic day starts at sunset of the day before, and ends at sunset on the day, so august 1st starts on the last day of July at sunset, and ends at sunset of august 1st, this is because the Celts love death and come from the god of death, dis. and the Celts just were not people you messed around with, they were head hunters, and liked to burn the loosers as sacrifice to the gods, they burnt them in wooden cages, not the kind of people you want to make mad, and they had no problem with torture. so the druids were the priest and judges of head hunters, and tortures, and people who were into human sacrifice, so making the case that all the druids are just wonderful people is kind of a tuff sale, but there are people in Neo-paganism that can sell anything. best hillbilly druid.