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    beautiful 3×3 and remember, thinking happy thoughts is they way buddhist practice forgiveness, there is emptiness because all is connected, so all is empty because all is connected, when people are mean to us don’t waste your time thinking negative things about them, because then they control you, think positive thoughts, and seek stillness, being in the moment of all the wonder around you, so much of our unhappiness comes from worry, in fact the whole world is so full of worry that very few are happy. try to find out what you love and follow it. once you do that all good things will come to you. I try to take the evil and turn it Into good, and there is no end to assholes. they are everywhere, it sometimes helps if you can understand their fear and pain, but I also try to go by the code of it it does not concern me, then leave it alone, and that code keeps me out of a lot of trouble. I do wonder if the druids really did believe in reincarnation, and if they did did they also believe in karma. it is easy to project so much of our own beliefs on the druid culture. and as a celt I live with paradox. I can be a christian and a druid, but not at the same time. I try to find some good things in all religion, and I also try to simply avoid bad places and bad people, and this helps a lot. Still, is our subconscious fighting our conscious? and I do agree with the obodians that many of us have a wounded child and are wounded from the past memories, that like our sins we have to live with. but just the stupid idea of thinking happy thoughts and not worrying does seem to be working to make life better. the need for greed is a big one, and I find it is best to just put your energy into creativity and from there the stuff will pile up in your house until you can’t move around, so you will need a bigger house. finding happiness does come with money, and people who have money are thought of as winners, so they end up with lots of friends. money is always a hit, and so many people are in it for the money, and the cultural status, that I think they loose their way and get sick in the end, but I do like money, and women love money and guys with it. we all want to be with the winners. anyway, I’m getting into bow hunting, and I will become one with the arrow, straight and narrow, what a lot of fleeting maters you have spurred. but i will be the arrow, and dance with the calliope woman, and wrap the babe in scarlet colors, and call her my own. also, owning a cross bow makes me feel like a man, a hunter, . 3×3 there is a lot of cool things to do in life, and lots of wonderful people. but please don’t go to off the deep end on the buddhist culture, because remember, the buddhist do live in a really different culture than the Celts and the modern pagans, I am only saying when in Rome be a roman, and you will find life is easier for you, I live in a real red neck part of virginia, and country music is big here, so I play hank Williams, a country boy can survive, and people love it, and I am becoming a red neck druid, and we say grace, and we say mam, and if you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn. cause country folks can survive.