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Dave TheDruid-3X3

Awens to W.T.St.C:

Your Philosophical Writing is of such Nature that I am posting my 2008 Imbolc 3X3 Triad Poem on – What Are The True Religions:

It Goes:

What Are the True Religions –
– The Ones that Provide Good Guidance in Life.
– The Ones which Reveals the Power of Nature.
– And the Ones which allows Freedom of Will.

What is the Purposes of Religion –
– To Understand the World around us.
– To Appreciate the Cycles of Life.
– And to be able to have Peace.

What False Religions Do –
– They keep People in Ignorance!
– They Cause Harm unto Others!
– And they Endeavour to Enslave!


With Good Guidance in Life –
– The Fruits of Plenty are Enjoyed.
– Many Happy Relations are Founded.
– And the Needs of Others is Satisfied.

Where is the Power of Nature –
– In the Cleansing Forces of Storms.
– In the Sprout of a New Seedling.
– And in the Solar Rays of the Sun.

With Freedom of Will –
– Negative Emotions are Cleansed Away.
– One Enjoys a Happy Life.
– And One gets Closer to Mother Nature.


New Beliefs are like New Seedlings because –
– They need Care and Cultivation to Grow.
– They get Stronger with Age.
– And they eventually Spread Seeds of New Knowledge.

To Prevent Ingnorance –
– One needs the Knowledge of the Ages.
– Better Wisdoms must be Exercised.
– And the Free Exchanging of New Ideas.

When Satisfaction is Achieved –
– Feelings of Bad Karma are Dispelled.
– The Need for Greed is Abated.
– And Nothing More is taken from the Earth.