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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    W.T.St.C wrote:

    you are not over at the obod where the druid police are always in full force.

    I was a Member of the OBOD in the early 2000s and am still affiliated with them as I am Mates with Philip Carr-Gomme. I was actually studying their Bardic Grade Gwersi when left. I became Buddies with Philip in 2010 when I corrected spotted a Triad of Wisdom in their Gwersi that was listed as being Welsh Triad and I correctly pointed out it was actually an Irish Triad. I guess that was the Pea under the Mattress Test that I correctly sorted out getting a cordual “Right You Are!” from Philip and he has always spoken to me with Respect ever since.

    I have found recently that the TDN also has their own set of ‘Druid Police’. That is why I am tending to Post here now instead of TDN. After finding your Newly Designed Website, I am giving your BDO a go.