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    Dave don’t worry so much. you are not over at the obod where the druid police are always in full force. I think things are pretty laid back at the British Druid Order, and I doubt they care at all about what you are doing. also, believe me, people don’t like getting tied up in red tape, so I doubt anyone is going to question you, and if they do so what. being a druid is a state of mind, not what group you are with, and druids don’t need any credentials to prove you are an authentic druid, unless you are at the obod were the magical merit badge people live, and think that just because they have obod merit badges they are druids, I think they are lost over there. and I think it is a total geeky organization. the bdo is the best, it is the home of the real druids, and not the want to be Neo pagans at the obod. the obod is full of minions who want to enforce the obod brainwashed way of being a druid, and they go off the deep end if you question their teachings.