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    Hi Dowgri, first it is great that you differ and disagree, and this is important in druidry. and it goes back to its hippy roots when everyone at the commune could see the world the way they want and the way that gives meaning to them. I don’t think you would be the excellent druid that you are if you just believed everything I say, and that you do differ is why you are such a great druid. The only problem with everybody doing their own thing is that one person puts the door to the bathroom, on , and another decided to take it off so he can look at the trees while pooping. But still, my point is, that as druids we need to see many views and not close our minds down, even though I am right,9 just joking) and you will in time, maybe, ten years, go, oh, so that is what William was trying to say, or in ten years, you may be saying to yourself, that William was crazy. either way, it makes you think, and see things in a new druids way. and I do read what you write and always learn new things from it, and I think you are great. And I also think that you are an excellent writer, and should write some books about where you live and the folklore and customs there, and how life is in Cornwall. Best William