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    I see the early poems and Celtic writing as direct proof of the druids having contact with the faery world, and the poems are the tales of the experiences that the druids have with the otherworld, like the poet Taliesin, who had adventures in faery land, and that is how sense can be made out of the authentic poems. only in the faery world could Taliesin have shapeshifted and survived days in a black leather bag floating around the ocean before he lands in a salmon net. I will have to get the proof of the goddesses creating the world but that should be easy to document. I think there will be plenty of proof that the druids have creation myths, and that I disagree with you on that on Dowgri. See, you seem to be discounting the Celtic otherworld in the druids power. Where do you think the druids got their magic? And no one would have given a damn about them if they had not had magic power. the mist is rising Dowgri, and you need to find a passage into the Celtic Otherworld. it is there where druids find the answers they seek. history is fine for academia but it just does not get you into druidville. I think the reason that the Celts did not write down anything is because the faeries would not allow it. and it is more the intention behind the words that carry the power and the visualization that carries the power. The whole idea of words caring magic is only in the movies. the bards have the ability to create images and rolling sound with words by the use of alliteration and repeating consonant sounds. we as druids do not live in a hobbit movie, we live in the real world of magic, where all things are interconnected. where herbs can heal because of the spirit of the herb. where we can travel to other dimensions by going up and down the world tree. screaming awen all day does not get you any awen, it just is creepy. and the world of druids is not run by a bunch of old history professors, and psychology professors, though many of them think they have found a door to the Celtic Otherworld, they have not, and spend their time in their campers and caravans while the faeries stay well away from them. dressing up like a druid, does not make you a druid. in fact, the over importance of history on druidry, only distracts and destroys druidry from having any real change in peoples’ lives. and taking Celtic tunes and turning them into rock song is not druidy, it is only entertainment at the most, I will say, the faeries do not like the kind of music that damm the bard plays. the faeries like real Celtic music on the pipes and fiddle and harp, and they would never amplify it. but if you are lucky, when you are on a walk in the country side, you may hear the real faery music playing. modern druids does a dis-service to us all when it turns Into history reenacting, and self help psychology, and it destroys the relationship with the Celtic Otherworld. This is what christianity has been doing from the start, and this destroys our planet, this destroys our relationship with he faery world, that is in the same space as we are. I blame most of this on the obod and their pop psychology and need to be in the press all the time. And again druidry is not witchcraft, as gomm tries to make it with his book druid craft. leave the witchcraft to the witches, they know how to use it. as druids we are the travelers between worlds, we are the poets and healers, and we are not re enactors, we are the real deal, the authentic druids, and we are here, and we are near the Celtic otherworld.