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    I would like to know what the dubious groups are so I can avoid them

    Let me just say that some groups have caused problems because they have managed to shoehorn in a lot of racist ideologies into their so-called belief systems under the guise of its being either Celtic or Germanic. I’ll leave at that. There is a group called Heathens Against Hate that tries to promote tolerance and non-racist values and if you look them up on their site, you can read all about the issues.

    do you think we came from monkeys?

    In terms of our organic, biological bodies or in terms of our “souls”? In terms of our biological, chemical make up, yes, in terms of our souls, as a person who believes in reincarnation and past lives, I’d have to say that souls are eternal and move house into many forms until they reach their destination, whereupon a new cycle starts again. It’s quite possible that your soul was once in a primate’s body, or a snail’s, or a tree’s and so on, at least in my cosmology.

    don’t let the spriggans get you …

    Ah, spyrysyon, quite nasty little folk at times and best avoided in Cornish folklore.