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    Dear Dowgri, I am not trying to say my way is the only way, and yes I think many druids have many different ideas. I would like to know what the dubious groups are so I can avoid them. you make great points and I find them very interesting. I know Iolo took a very christian view of druidry, and I am sure many druids incorporate all kinds of christianity into their druidry, and some get very cult about it. I have a difficult time believing that the druids believed in one god, but I can see that there may be a great interconnection between all things, I just question the whole idea of some guy sitting on a throne who created everything and that we as humans look like him. in his image, we as humans do have the ability to love and be kind, but we also have the ability to be rather tooth and claw if it gets down to it. do you think we came from monkeys? I have to wonder about it. anyway, great answers, and thank you, and don’t let the spriggans get you because they can get quite mean if you upset them.