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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    W.T wrote:

    Once you stop seeing nature as a place full of conscious spirit you stop seeing the wonder in the world. Your own soul will become sick. I look to the mountains and see them covered in cell towers. I lift up my eyes and can’t see the stars because of light pollution.

    That is why I wrote the following 3X3 Triad Poem in 2006:

    For The Betterment Of Our Lives:
    – We Shall Poison The Rivers,
    – Fill The Air With Smoke,
    – And Consume Toxic Waste.

    To Improve The Lot Of Humanity:
    – We Shall Kill Other Species,
    – Pave Over Our Ancestors,
    – And Tear Up The Sky.

    In Order To Create Civilizations:
    – We Cut Down Our Forests,
    – Pollute The Air,
    – And Dig Up The Earth.


    To Prove We Have Dominion Over The Earth:
    – We Draw Borders Between Us,
    – Destroy What Is Natural,
    – And Reshape It For Our Own Uses.

    We Feel That It Is Important:
    – To Be Wealthy and Greedy
    – To be Pompous,
    – And Vane.

    The Waters Of Our Lakes And Oceans:
    – Are Fished Out,
    – Used For Atomic Waste Dumps,
    – And Damned For Our Uses.


    For The Sake Of Our Children:
    – We Shall Fill The Land With Garbage,
    – Clean Our Homes With Death,
    – And Breathe Radiation.

    Many Years From Now Our Grandchildren:
    – Will Have No Food To Eat,
    – No Water To drink,
    – And No Air To Breathe.

    They’ll Look At Their,
    – Chemical Houses,
    – Plastic Shopping Malls,
    – And Artificial Forests.