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    see the reason the druids never wrote anything down, is because the druids got all their knowledge from the faerie races, and the faerie races told the druids not to write things down, and the faerie races have the power to punish people who go against them. The faeries have power, plain and simple. And all that the druids know is learned from the faerie races. Now modern druids don’t get this and go off on tangents into greek philosophy and try to turn druidry into christianity, some weird mix of Celtic and christian folklore, but druidry is more than folk lore. druidry is a living relationship with nature and the faerie races who are all around us. this is the essential thing to understand when you are trying to get your mind around druidry. there is a deep interconnection with nature and druids, and also I notice that many Neo pagans try to putt psychology into druidry, because they feel that they have a wounded inner child, that needs to be healed and the Christian view has not helped them so they turn to druidry for answers. nature is healing and a relationship with the trees and plants and stones and rivers can heal our souls. see we as humans are part of nature. but many humans want to disconnect from that and think they are only a part of some sky god for the Middle East, a sky god who was in constant battle with the other gods of the Middle East, and the Egyptian gods are still around, and so are the greek gods, ,. see the gods talk to different people in different ways. and yes, I can understand how people think there is one god, but this is where the danger comes in., I do think there is love and kindness in the universe, and many people see god is love, but gods and goddesses are more than love, they are about being guides for civilization and how we live on this earth in relation to nature. druids are not some modern invention, and they have been around for a very long time, much longer than the historians think.