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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to Raven Black Thorn:

    I did a search on Megalithic Portal for what there is on the Isle of Arran where your going to and I found that there is around a Dozen Standing Stones around the Isle.

    A Japanese Member of Megalithic Portal known as ‘Aska’ went for a trip to Arran and got several Pictures of Standing Stones and submitted them to Megalithic Portal. Monyquil Standing Stone is one of them:

    But there are some sets of Standing Stones on the Isle of Arran which is listed by Megalithic Portal for which there is No Pictures by Members. Clauchan Glen is one which is located just East of the Town of Cemy. You have to Hike in through a Valley along the Clauchan River to get to. It is located at Latitude: 55.522880N Longitude: 5.260559W.

    Then there is Lean An Tubhaidh Standing Stone which is in the middle of a Forest that is East of the Town of Imachar and is located at Latitude: 55.611999N Longitude: 5.356275W.

    And there is another at the very North of the Isle of Arran and that is the Cnoc An Uird Standing Stone which legends say marks the Grave of a Sailor. It is located at Latitude: 55.702751N Longitude: 5.315338W

    If you get Pictures of those Standing Stones which Megalithic Portal needs for their Listings, please either post them here or PM to me and I will forward them to Megalithic Portal (making sure you get Credit).