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    Dowgri, I think you are seeing it from living in a beautiful place and a different culture. In the USA christianity is not like that. Fundamentalism does not care about the environment and only is concerned with getting a reward in heaven. I live in the land of CEOs who only care about money, and large corporations that do not care about the environment, only buying back more stock so their stock will increase in value, it is not about quality, it is about making money at any cost. The mega churches in America have nothing to do with nature. See, you are living in a very different and beautiful culture. it is not like that here in the states. this is a wasteland of corporate greed, christianity is used as tool to gain political power, such as the annual national prayer meeting run by a small group of christians who control America., they found if they would stick together no mater how evil they are, that they could control the government,. christianity is used to control people here in America, and it does not give a damn about the environment.