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    We live in a living conscious world, but Christians can never see this, they can never see the spirit in nature, they just see nature as dead, a dead thing that they can use to build a house or a car or clothes. Druids see the living spirit, which means there is consciousness, druids see the world as a feeling place, not a Disneyland vacation. Once the Christians could take the spirit out of creation, they could kill it. Or was it the atomic bomb that made humans feel so superior, or just the overwhelming smugness of the university professors, who prey on the students for money, who run their own little kingdoms. And in America we even have to pay to go into the national parks and camp. And the land and the minerals in the national parks are used to pay debit. Once you stop seeing nature as a place full of conscious spirit you stop seeing the wonder in the world. Your own soul will become sick. I look to the mountains and see them covered in cell towers. I lift up my eyes and can’t see the stars because of light pollution. But druids know the truth. Sometimes the Christians get a view, but then they fall back into the pit of misunderstanding and shout that all is revealed to them in the bible. Where in the bible does it say that trees are conscious living beings? Where does it say that rocks have spirit in them. For them there is a creator, and that creator left this world a dead place. For druids the world is alive and conscious and in harmony. Druids are the good people, the loving people, the people on the right path. Druids are more than hippies, we have evolved from hippydom. We are above nationalism. We are full of joy and spirit and happiness.
    I wonder if druids knew of karma. Well we do now, and that is what is important. And as a druid I believe in reincarnation. I think what goes around comes around. I think you guy in England don’t really understand what it is like here in the usa. We have no national healthcare, we have to pay to go into the forest, we have to listen to loud rap music all over the place, and rap sucks. We as americans live in a cultural war zone between black and white culture, and the blacks hate the whites. I had a number of teenage blacks try to run me off the road last week for no reason. The blacks threaten white people all the time in America,. Yes this is how it really is, not how you see it on the news. The more we become disconnected from nature, living in a computer world, the worse things get. Where I live the blacks sell crack cocaine to white children, as young as eight years old, and no one does anything about it. I try to stay with the moto, if it don’t concern me, don’t mess with it. I live in an industrial area and the water is polluted in the tap, and the air is difficult to breath. So, I have to look past the garbage to see the trees. Rich whites in America own all the nice land, and try to keep the poor people like me over in the waste dumps. There are some days it is just too dangerous to walk around where I live for fear of being shot by black people. America is a getting to be a ghetto, a dangerous ghetto of crack dealers and gangs. I am a druid in the wasteland