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    I wonder how many people feel that they are good people, or that humans are good animals. I think a lot of Christians think humans are horrible, and I feel a lot of pagans think humans are not good animals and humans are responsible for all the bad things in the world. I think this comes from Christianity. I feel that this view of humans is a very wrong view. I feel we are beautiful animals, and I also think we may have been made by the spirits of the earth and not some god in heaven. Anyway, we are at home. I think so much of all of this not being one with nature comes from Christianity. Christianity states one god and you must follow that one god or you go to hell, and it separates us from nature. There are a lot of people who just can’t connect with nature, oh yeah, they can connect with their cat or like the idea of nature, but most of the time they hide in their house, with their cats and garden, but is that really being one with nature. I just don’t see how a Christian can be one with nature. Christians get brainwashed when young and never can fully get the idea of an inter relationship with nature. The only thing Christians worry about is going to heaven and their great reward for following the bible. Plus people get weird as they get old, and even while they chain smoke, they try the best they can to hold on to the things they have. How many of hippies sold out? A lot. Spirituality is crushed by money, or the desire for money. Druidry is a way out of all of this, it is a relationship with nature at a deep level. Still, what went wrong with people. We are the children of the earth, and look at what we have done to it. When did all this start. When did we stop caring about the earth, and felt that we could pollute it. It could not have been all that long ago. What brought this on. Humans seem to be so into status, which even seems more important than money to many people. And even their relationship with nature is all about status. If we can just follow what we love, we will be alright, but that is much more difficult than many think, because we have been told by parents and teachers what we should be, and not allowed to be who we are., and feeling that there is something wrong with being human is just wrong, we should be happy about being humans. It could all be about the idea of original sin, or just fitting in with the tribe. Also, we live with our memories, and that can torture us, just think of all the people who come back from war.