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    HI David, I found drinking helped my writing creativity when I drank, I just did not get much writing done however. I get lots more done now that I only drink tea. two drugs I would warn against, one cocaine is just evil, and nothing ever good comes from it. two, heroin is so addictive that it is the kind of drug to never never never never touch, and run from, and I mean run from. also, all writing is rewriting, so expect to rewrite everything, and so it is best just to get going on it, and then expect to edit it. I have a book that I have copyrighted, and it will be out next year, right now, I am designing the back cover for it with illustrator, and yes the books has druids in it, as you would expect someone like me to write, it also has faeries and dragons, and harps and chieftains, and witches and most importantly, shinty games,. what if , what if, what if…. the main thing I find is just persistence of writing each day, and then there is also research, but no matter what, you will have to re -right a lot of the stuff, so just get your ideas down and then go back, this is the normal writing process for most writers, unless you can afford a grad student to re write your stuff, like the high rollers, famous writers who put out 4 books a year. and with kindle, now you can self publish,. so no excuses, I want see a book from you, druid bard David.