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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    I have been writing my 3X3 Triads of Wisdom Poems since 2006.

    Here is the First One I ever wrote when the concept of such Poetry came to me:

    It is the 3X3 Triad Poem I wrote on April 5th 2006 that describes what Best Defines what Forms of the Universal Deity works best for me:

    My Three Patron Deities are:
    – The Solar God The Sun,
    – The Hiroshima Survivor Kuroganemochi Tree,
    – And Basteth The Egyptian Goddess Of Feline Familiars.

    What I Must Do for my Patron Deities:
    – Be Grateful for Receiving their Gifts,
    – Promote their Messages of Peace,
    – and Pay Homage by Taking Care of their Living Physical Incarnations.

    Three Ways To Appreciate Ones Patron Deities:
    – Do As You Freely Will,
    – Make Harm For None,
    – And Share Their Power & Gifts With Others.


    What The Solar God Gives the Earth:
    – Gravitational Power,
    – The Warmth We Need To Grow,
    – And Light For Photosynthesis.

    My Kuruganemochi Tree Messiah Has:
    – Bark For Skin,
    – Leaves For Breathing,
    – And Sap For Blood.

    What My Feline Familiar Goddess Grants Me:
    – Magical Release Of My Negative Emotional Energies,
    – A Look Of Love And Trust,
    – And Good Quality Companionship.


    The Three Best Things About My Three Patron Deities:
    – They Are Not Vane,
    – They Have No Greed,
    – And They Are Not Egotistical.

    What Everything Needs From My Three Patron Deities:
    – Continued Supply Of Solar Power For Life On Earth,
    – The Message Of Needing More Wisdom,
    – And Sharing My Good Feline Karma With My Neighbors.

    What I Wish To My Three Patron Deities:
    – To Continue To Shine Its Life Giving Power,
    – To Show Its Power By Continuing To Be Healthy,
    – And To Enjoy A Long Happy Healthy Life Prowling In My Garden.