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    Thanks Dowrgi, Three was a lot of that I was not aware of, and some of it refreshed my memory, I do remember the Henry the 7th was welsh, and he landed in Wales when he took the throne, kind of by luck if I remember right, or at least the stupidity of the reigning king to get in the fight. The reigning king should have stayed in the rear with the gear. Also, Henry the 7th did put kingdom on sound financial grounds, which Henry the 8th quickly blew in spending on all kinds of things like the field of gold, thus he went looking for the church money. Well, it is all part of god’s plan, right Dowrgi. and the catholics were kind of running the country from Rome. To me it all seems like a monty python skit, in its weirdness of events, the other thing that I find like a monty python skit is the battle of culloden, when the British arrived with guns and the Scotts just had a few guns and pointy sticks and targes, now this had worked in the past for the Scotts, but now that the British had guns, the brave Scotts no longer stood a chance. I mean you know there must have been some Scotts at that battle who went, Sargent McGrath, they have guns and all we have is pointy sticks, maybe we should rethink this thing. I will tell you Dowgri, I am very glad that the welsh culture did not get destroyed completely, and that we still have the welsh language, I am sorry about the Cornish, but I think there is still a Cornish language that is spoken by some. that must be a beautiful place you live in and I hope you get out and enjoy the beauty of Cornwall on this Lunasa day. You know since I have become a druid history seems to be more alive, and I enjoy history and poetry more, and this is just one of the many perks of being a druid, for as druids our lives are more full of awen and imagination and life.
    Happy Lunasa William