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    Hi David, this Tim Sebastian guy is really interesting and he had his own group of druids and I think he fought for the right for druids to use Stonehenge for ceremonies. I also think Sebastian had some wild ideas about druidry with his group the secular druids. I need to check it out more. I think Hutton is great, and I am really enjoying reading his book, I just hope that druids can always see the love and joy and wonder of druidry, and not get too tied up in worrying about all the historical facts or even arguing over should you wear a white robe or green robe when gathering mistletoe. I love the whole king authur stories and remember that started in England, went to France, and then came back to England with the Normans. I think Henry 8 even had a son named authur who died, but life was short back before antibiotics. I would make it clear that I am sure many druids did practice extreme sanitary living conditions and took baths, if for nothing else than to purify themselves before ceremonies and they did use lots of perfumes. By Henry the 8th time they basically lived in a castle until the toilets filled up with poop, and then moved on to the next castle, leaving the servants to clean out the poop pits. /but in my way of thinking, the druids were friends with the tuatha de danann and the tuatha are very clean faeries, so the druids would be all sweet smelling and prim and proper. But I love authur, and these stories were written in the 11th century, so I even think druidry was going strong at that time. it just would have taken time for the church to get full control of peoples minds and souls, and guess what, they still have not conquered the druid spirit in us. But I think it is easy for druids to get discouraged about the many wonderful connections druids have to nature if druids just fixate on history or philosophy. I mean both are really interesting, but at some point I am not sure they are worth arguing over, and just become too dogmatic for the modern druid. I think thinking about how to grow vervain or save the oak forest may be a better use of our time as druids. And I do believe that the bards have saved many of the authentic druid stories, the Mabinogion is a treasure trove for druids, and I am so glad we have it, we are really lucky to have it, I feel it is like our holy bible, but just inspired by the faeries instead of the abrahamic god, and least we are not told that we are going to hell if we don’t believe everything in the Mabinogion, which is one of the real problems I have with christianity. I hate it when people tell me I have to follow everything in the Bible, I just don’t see how this is possible, and the Bible at many times just seems to contradict itself. And one of the good things that the modern druid leaders all thought, I think, is that people should be able to believe what they want to believe, but of course, as organizations grow, some people try to turn free thought into dogma, and solidify the organizations teachings. The Mabinogion, lets us know that it is alright to believe in faeries and Celtic Gods and goddesses, and learn from them as friends and guides, and not stern school teachers, trying to beat history and English into us at the end of a paddle on our butts, or the threat of eternal punishment in the pit. I like the idea of druids as counter-culture to the mindless industrialized android tax accounting suit wearing expensive car driving million dollar house owning in debt up to their necks to keep up with their rich pear group not respecting the living consciousness of trees and plants people. And I do think it is cool that prince Charles is a druid, I once saw him on the beeb talking to plants saying grow, grow, grow plant, and I think he meant it, and everyone love the queen Elizabeth,and my mother was a big fan of her, and I really miss elizbeth’s mum, who was Scottish. so I wish Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles a happy Lunasa, and I hope you have a most wondrous Lunasa too, David, Best William