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    Dear Jennifer, I think that the word druid, really is a good way to describe the druids because I feel that it is so much associated with the word oak, and I feel druids can communicate with the oak tree, and that it is a most magical tree, and I also think of it as the world tree to climb up and down to different levels of the celtic otherworld. Whether you want to see druidry from the historical and philosophical view or the celtic otherworld view, makes all the difference. Druids, like me see druidry as having an interrelationship with the celtic otherworld, and we travel up and down the world tree, meeting the faeries, and the celtic gods and goddesses, the gods of the Tuatha de Danann, whose mother goddesss is dana, from the river Danube. So, to me and other druids like me, and there are many, we see druidry as a timeless world, and history does not play the main role in it. As for Stonehenge, and other henges, these did much more than tell you where the planets were, they were built along ley lines and used to raise huge cones of power by the druids, also, not only would earth energy be raised, but also energy from the stars and planets where drawn down. And the henges were used as places of portal to other dimensions. The faery world is in a dimension right next to us, and takes up the same space as you are in now. Happy Lunasa, William