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    I finished reading this book 2 days ago and found it very interesting. The conclusion seemed to me to be that societies view on what druids were depends far more on the society at the time then any reality about what/who druids may have been originally. So rather than druids describing a distinct historical group it is a word used to define a current societies view of the ancient past. The druids described by the ancient Romans may be as illusionary in a way as Iolo’s triads, based on a different societies opinions – in the Roman’s case a different culture, in Iolo’s case a different time. There may well never have been a distinct group of people who have ever fitted any of the descriptions given of “the druids”. It could be they were the tribes leaders – so nowadays that might be the equivalent of Boris Johnson, the Queen or maybe our local town counsellors . Or they may have been the communities spiritual leaders – so the Arch Bishop of Canterbury perhaps. I think that is what I found most interesting about the book, the way the term druid has changed and evolved – so our current spiritual nature respecting meaning of druidry bears little resemblence to the society leads role, or the barbaric human sacrificers, or any of the other roles that have been taken through history under the name of druid.
    If we want an answer to what the religious leaders (one way to define druids) were like or what they did in ancient Briton pre Roman invasion the honest answer has to be that we really don’t have a clue!