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    I feel that if druids are thought of as the priest and seers of the Celtic tribes, then there would be anywhere from one to twenty druids per tribe. It would depend on the tribe and the relationship with the druids to the chieftain of the tribe and how successful the tribe was at taking over land and fighting other tribes. I also think that the end of the old druids came at the end of the tribal system when Christianity replace the old priest and seers, so we know this must have started happening sometime around 300 ad at the earliest, when Constantine degreed Rome to be a christian. Wales seemed to pick up on christianity early on, and with this roman invasion it also brought writing, so we have records of the early Celtic poems and myth. By 400 we have the dark ages, and the early approach of the Anglo Saxons. But old ways don’t die out that quick, so I think there were druids around in 700 ad and all the way to 12000 in some remote parts of Ireland and Scotland. I still wonder about the druid schools. I don’t know if I buy that one. And I think the world druid is misleading, but useful. I do think there were also magic men who lived in the woods, who were very close to nature. However, my whole thesis on druids is that they learned magic from the faerie races, which are still around, so there is no reason to think that there are not still authentic old school druids who learn their craft from the faeries. Real druids are connected up with the Celtic otherworld in my way of looking at it. Best William