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    Hi Raven, if you live by standing stones then you live in a magical place. Standing stoned are always placed near Ley lines, and that is where the faeries are most likely to be found. Also, stones are living beings and have consciousness, so if you can slow your thoughts down a wee bit, you will be able to communicate with them. My favorite circle is the sun honey circle near dee side Scotland. There is always a lot of unseen magic going on around standing stones. So, as far as being nice to the stones, do not take any kind of metal or magnets around them, do not play loud rock music around them, and approach them with an open mind, also you should walk clockwise around them a few times just to let them say high. As you are druids, they will know that, and be very nice to you. Also, standing stone are great places to go during the eight druid festivals each year. and the the autumn equinox is a wonderful time to go. further, I wold not sit on any of them, and just treat them with respect, the circles were used to raise magic, and I mean tons of magic energy and then the druids would direct the energy where they wanted it. Just remember the stone are living beings and are conscious of your presence, Best William