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Paul Badger

    My response back at the beginning of this was during one of my regular rituals to sit with the healers and doctors from my settled ancestors. Infectious disease is nothing new.

    The took me in trance to meet the virus and speak to it. My first impression was that it was very friendly and amicable, and just wanting to live its own life. It seemed very eager to be on good terms. However, with my ancestors accompanying me, the overall feeling was of distrust and not to get close. My feeling was that it was – not exactly lying – but trying to manipulate me so that I got close to it. It is now a part of our natural world, and indeed has its own life that it wants to live, it doesnt seem malicious, but incompatible with us living our life in a healthy way, and is neither acting out of dislike, nor concern for our wellbeing.

    ( I have since read several other accounts of people journeying to speak to the virus, and they all reported similar -that its friendly, wants to be our friend and has gifts and teaching for us – which is really what I got but I got this as manipulation and wanting to get close for its own ends. Saying what you want to hear to get on your good side. I also noted that the accounts I read did not mention any of the writers journeying with ancestors or healers to accompany them, I got the impression the virus was appealing to the persons ego to get on their good side.) I personally found the virus seductive and it would have been very easy to go along with it.

    I thanked the virus and declined its offer of friendship, and my ancestors brought me back to a safe place where we sat together. With the understanding that the virus is now part of the natural world, and just wanting to live rather than some evil being, they gave me a ritual to do around my home to protect myself and my family. The household. For us to be close together, acknowledge the virus but not welcome it into the home. They gave me offerings to give to it outside, to be on good terms but keep away, and ask for easy passage through any illness it might cause. We ran through a number of possible scenarios which were NOT to happen to our family.

    So I did the ritual a few days later and all has been well so far.

    I’m not giving the details away because my understanding is that this was a tailor made ritual for myself, NOT a cure or something that ca be applied everywhere , anywhere. However, I guess the journey part to ask for help from your ancestors can be done by anyone with a good relationship with them, and with caution. This help may come in many different ways.

    Around a week later I felt it ok to offer up a ritual session for others who were worried about their wellbeing, I took their names and adapted my ritual to be done on their behalf. I’d never done this kind of work before, but felt moved to have a go, if nothing else it is a learning curve.

    Since then, this part of the work feels ‘done’ and not something that should be repeated. Having just written this down now, my rational mind tells me that is probably not a good idea to give it too many offerings and attract it to my family. The idea was to give it a substitute and have it pass by.