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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Yesterday, I finished a Walk Stick:

    July 11th Walking Stick

    It was Pruned from a Very Old Alder Tree on a July 11 Sramadana at the Community Garden. So it represents the Good Work done by the Community Garden Volunteers on July 11th.

    The next day, I returned to do some more Sramadana Gardening and got another Branch from the Giant Maple Tree that on the Main Lawn of the Community Garden. The first Maple Branch I took on Canada Day has had problems. When I immediately stripped off the Bark, the Wood of the Maple Branch Strank somehow and developed Cracks along it. I have filled those Crackes with Putty and given that Branch a coat of Brown Exterior Latex to hide its Cracks. I plan to Decorate it a bit then give it a coat of Varnish.

    The Maple Branch I took on July 12th was kept in my Hot Car in order to Dry It Out before taking the Bark off. After about a week of sitting in my Hot Car, I got it out and stipped the Bark off of it then put it back into the Hot Car. It developed Cracks anyways.

    So I guess you have to leave a Maple Branch to Dry Out for several Months before taking the Bark off.

    I will be filling the Cracks on the 2nd Maple Branch and maybe Paint it with White Exterior Latex then Decorating it too.