Reply To: Bardic Journal


    Hello everyone,
    This was a particularly interesting thread for me to read. Elaine, who runs the BDO webshop, looks after our roundhouse, contributed many of the ceremonies in our ovate course, and so forth, keeps the most amazing journals. It’s a couple of pages from one of hers that appears in the bardic booklet about keeping a journal. She keeps postcards, photographs, till receipts, gift wrappings, newspaper clippings and all manner of other scraps to paste into her journals alongside her writing and sketches. She has dozens of them stored away and they’ll be the most incredible resource for some future historian.
    By contrast, I spend so much of my time writing course material that I’m pretty much written out by the end of the day and therefore only intermittently keep any kind of journal. I’ve also made the rookie mistake of not having a nice-looking journal set aside, so when i do decide to record something it goes on a scrap of paper or in any one of about half a dozen small reporters’ notebooks. This means it’s difficult or even impossible to find what I’ve written again.
    I sincerely hope that you good folks will be more like Elaine in this respect and a lot less like me!
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\