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    see I disagree with you, and I believe life was worse that the tv shows it. What I am saying is not stereotypical views but reality. YES people did travel and trade back in the past more than most people know, and the main way they got around is by boat, and the Celts were and are good sailors, we have it in our blood, and love the sea. also, I am not really talking about what went on in Europe, and I don’t even consider them druids. I think of druids as living in Ireland and Scotland. and the reason that the christians could convert the people to christianity is because there were not many druids, druids were more like shamans in these places. So I am not really concerned about what went on in Europe and don’t even consider that culture as part of the druids. The gods and goddess in Europe were not the same as the ones in Ireland and Scotland and the faery tribes were not the same. I think too many modern druids are caught up in European history and philosophy, and this is not what I am about as a druid. I am about the spiritual side of druidry, the relationship with nature and the Celtic Gods and goddesses and faeries kingdoms of Ireland and Scotland. And people are caught up in the idea that the druids were like the depictions of the paintings of druids during the revival period of the 1700 and 1800.

    people love winners, and that is why they wanted to vote for trump. He had made everyone think he was a winner with the tv show the apprentice.and he made everyone think he was a winner with his name on the big new york apartment building. At one time products were sold for what they could do for you, like toothpaste that brightened your teeth, or cars that were comfortable. and then they started selling things by saying that the things were winners, like this car has been rated no 1 for 5 years by car and driver, or  this toothpaste is the number 1 toothpaste in america. Collegesgo to great lengths to have a winning football team because people want to be associated with winners. And this is why trump does not want peopleto see his tax returns because it will show him as a loser. He is the kind of guy who has trophies all around his office.  People buy things that areassociated with winners and not because of the quality or the build of the object. I just thought that this is an interesting psychological concept and it is very powerfulin society advertising. If you look around you will see all kinds of people claiming to be a winner, and no 1.   I think there is real danger in wantingto be associated with winners and it is one of the reasons why there are so many problems in the world. If winning is all that counts, then people will do anything to win.  They all want to hoop and holler and jump up and down and scream we are number 1.  Team players don’t count, just the winners.I don’t think people are evil, i think that the way they approach life is evil. I want to stay aware of the winner advertising because it is a sign of somethingthat is really wrong, but it sure does sell stuff.
     In celtic lore the goddess Morrigan is the goddess of war, death, and passion. I find it interesting that death and passion  go together, but we only have so much time and we have to spend it in a way that follows our passion. breath in through your third eye to awaken it, and breath out through your third eye.  breath in and circulate the energy through your spine, down your spine up your spine to the crown chakra.  energy flows where intention goes. 

    See even modern druids want to associate with winners, and that is why they can’t accept the idea that real druids were smelly little people who had great knowledge of nature and magic, accept when their wands were broken, and the romans won in that case, bringing the roman European views into England, and forever making the Irish and Scottish feel like they were not winners, when they are, and not trying to fight the English with pointy sticks against firearms. nothing changes, it is always the same face of the goddess, and people always want to put winning above quality.