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    Hi Dowgri, I think you are thinking of romanized cities, and not how life really was all dirty and smelly and short for the forest folk. It was a really bloody time, and guess what they did not have electric lights, and by the way I don’t even think the Gundestrup cauldron can be used as an argument that these people were not barbarians, look it was just a piece of hammered metal, and it did have cernunos, who is the lord of the animals, get animals, not the kind of creature who read philosophy. But modern druids want to see everything from a magical perspective. Again, if the druids had any power, it was because they could see into the future and cast spells that would help a chieftain win a war, or maybe they would curse someone with satiric poetry, making the chieftain unfit for duty. And the question I am asking is how many druids were there really, and can we really think that there was a druid school where druids studied for 20 years. I really doubt that one. Now we get to the real thing about magic, Dowgri, and that is not everyone can do magic, and you have to be of a certain type of person to even get into being able to really be powerful at magic. magic, is a spiritual gift and it is not given to everyone. All people are not equal in magic, and some people can read minds and see into the future and raise tons of energy without any help from training. The gods bestow shamanism on the ones they choose, so to think the idea that all these kings and princes and rich dirty people sent their sons to druid school makes no sense, The fact is the druids would pick a few people who showed potential and train them, or not. I don’t buy the idea of these druid colleges, but it is a romantic idea, and many modern druids are role playing romantic or philosophy majors who what to fit the ancient world into their world view. I SAY get real. Any idiot can beat some metal into what were probably commonly drawn symbols. The gundestrup cauldron is another overrated piece that does not prove anything. If you want jewelry, there are some good museums in London and Ireland that have early Celtic jewelry, but what is important in that is that you see the interlacing patterns which show us the Celtic people knew that all things, animals plants and trees were interconnected at a deep deep level. This was taught to them by the Celtic Gods and goddesses, and not by history professor philosophical druids who are trying to get tenure in the Celtic studies department of a major university. it is my experience that if you are a real witch or a real druid, you will know it, and be called by the gods and goddess, and you will have no choice, but if you are a techno druid, you may get a quick glimpse through the Celtic mist but that is about all before the doors to the Celtic world will be shut forever on you, and all you will be left with is a hippy drum and a degree in Celtic studies of psychology. I see it over and over and over again. Druids who started out with a relationship with the Celtic Otherworld, only to find the doors to the Celtic Otherworld shut in their faces. So, how many druids were there really, my guess is very few.