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    Hi David, Oweynagat (‘Cave of the Cats’) in Ireland. hidden away and out of sight located, essentially in the ditch of a modern field boundary. However, as a cave feature it is situated in County Roscommon). in ancient pre-Christian Connaught royal site of Cruachán. Oweynagat (pronounced “Oween-ne-gat” or “UUvnaGOTCH”) or the Cave of the Cats is filled with powerful energies both of the earth and of the Otherworld. The Morrigan, Celtic goddess of death, destruction, and passion, is said to reside within. Key word is pre christian, I contend that the Celtic civilization got civilization from the Celtic Gods and goddesses. I feel there is just too much emphases on roman civilization in modern druidry. I do not feel druidry when all the modern roman thought and courts are brought into druidry. I feel modern druidry is a lifestyle of the rich and famous, and the old druidry of the Celtic Gods is a real religion. I feel the Celtic Gods and goddesses still walk among us like they did in old, but the modern druids want to ignore them and create a Neo-pagan lifestyle that they can market for course sales, which by the way make a lot of money for some Neo-pagans, and non profit, does not mean non moneymaking and salary making good paying jobs. I feel I have found a religion in the old pagan ways and not just a Neo pagan lifestyle. CrackRat was just a character to emphasize that the druids were real people and live in a time without toilet paper, or soap, or the importance taking baths. the real druids were the mystics and priest to the barbarians and early people of Scotland and Ireland. The real druids were not some made up person in a clean white robe, and the real druids probably kept the cattle in the house in the winter, and cleaned out the cowshit each spring for the fields, because the best thing to grow crops in is cowshit. So the real druids lived in a smelly world and probably had bad teeth, and would not appeal to the modern Neo-pagans who are living in a fake druid techno druid world. In short, the real druids that were before the birth of Christ, had smelly underwear. Further, the druids got their love of smith craft from the goddess Breej-eh, who you know as Bridgit. I have a Breej-eh cross on my front door of my bothy and the goddess protects my bothy. She keeps a lot of evil away, and the house has better energy in it now. Catweasel was the type of person in the 6th century that was fighting the Saxon invasion, kind of like the Christian bard Taliesin. CRackRat, is a very old druid who was living before the time of Christ. And I still can’t figure out how the Christians got the Celts to turn to christ and abandon the old gods. So, the druids must have been already losing some of their knowledge of power by the time of 50ad, or they would had been able to repell the romans by the use of magic. I see many of the modern druids as techno druids, who think druidry is a computer game. Look, I don’t care if neotechno pagans call themselves druids, anyone can call themselves druids, I just feel the neotechno druidry offers nothing for me. Druidry for me has become a spiritual way of living with the old gods and the faeries and a deep ecology way of living. I do not think that the old druids were anything like the modern lawyers, and judges, and doctors that the ovates claim they are. And I think that people who are trained in modern psychology have a difficult time understanding the spirituality of druidry. Druidry is a civilization not a game of techno magic. But everyone is free to follow their own path, or are they, because the power of group neotechno druidry is strong, and the power of mass media brain washing is even stronger. And the neotechno marketers of druidry want to appeal to as many people as they can, so they can make as much money as they can, and they are too much of business target demographic marketers to ever stand up for any real religions beliefs, because this would offend some people.