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    I think you ought to be careful about the “barbarian” stereotype – the bearded, axe-wielding, bloodthirsty “ignoramuses” of many films and television series.

    When you look at the material culture, the artwork, the feats of engineering and what has come down to us in oral lore, folklore and later literature as well as the writings of some less hostile classical authors, I think you’ll see that our “Celtic” ancestors had a complex culture and “civilisation” and were quite well acquainted with the civilisations of the Mediterranean and beyond – elephants appear on the Gundestrup Cauldron and I believe that Egyptian beads may have been found in Ireland. The fact that they were different was the problem (for the Romans). The idea of being dirty is also irritating as the Gauls actually produced soap and classical writers, if I’m not mistaken, commented on how meticulously clean the Celtic peoples were.