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    Now, crack rat lived in a time when the druids were very close with the faeries, and it is the Celtic Gods and Goddesses who taught the Druids morals and rules of society, and it was people like crack rat who preached this to the happy village. Crack rat has lived a very long life, over three thousand years, and he attributes this to not taking baths. But what upsets crack rat is that modern druids do not believe in the Celtic Gods or goddesses. And thus modern druids have lost their way. May modern druids do not believe in the faeries, and it was from the faeries and the Celtic Gods and goddess that the druids got their morality. So, if you are out in the woods, and see a very short smelly druid, dressed in dirty clothes, riding a large hedge hog, it may be crack Rat, so please be nice to him, and remember to never call Ceridwen a Witch, because she can here you, just like the faery Sandy Clause, and she could turn you into some type of toad or even a snail.