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    Still, all that said, and historical made clear, the poet Taliesin must have been influenced by the culture of druids, and druid lore. there must have been druids in Ireland and Scotland still at this time, even though the romans were over in England. The old gods could not have just disappeared overnight. A few old druids must have been hanging around the Irish kings and chieftains. And the old stories were still told around the fire at night. Plus, there was a lot of nature and forest that were still standing, and the magic folk love the forest. And real faith in the faeries only recently disappeared from the country side of Ireland and northern Scotland. Not to mention there are many druids and Neo pagans who still have contact with the Celtic Otherworld, but it seems we are losing the fight and not wining it, as more and more people stop believing and are more interested in computer games than contacting nature or listening to the old stories. WE are living in the age of space aliens and not red hats. As a bard, I try to bring interest back to the old stories, and update them so that they don’t read like children’s stories. and even then, I think most mums are not real interest in telling faery tales, and more interested in turning their children into little robots and accountants. it is the sense of wonder, and the wonder stories that calls me to druidry. Druids can’t ever be like the original druids, and we at the same time, we need to be more than hippies with drums. I also think that we should be careful not to become cults. It is just when we start taking pieces from every other religion, that druidry become cult like stupidity. We just can’t mix up every new age rage into the pot. And I AM NOT even sure if people care about the new age anymore. But what I like most about druidry is that there are a lot of spiritual people in it, and some of these people have really figured out some stuff. Still I think I hear the call of the wildwood.