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    Dowrgi, keep exploring, I like the word history. Wow, I was not talking about breath. But breath is important and is thought of as the life force by many. I mean once the breath is gone it is all over. This one lady was telling me that before her husband died, the room filled up with mist. she said it was weird, and then I watched that Stephen king movie, the Sleep Doctor, and he used mist as a representation of people’s souls. It may be that we all have a slightly different conception of what awen is. I think some people are thinking of it as energy, like Ley line energy or telluric energy that is used in casting spells, or raised in magic circles and sent with intent. And of course some places are full of energy and others are not. the awen is mysterious. I love that word, awen. and the word imbas is beautiful too. I think the Holy Ghost is a weird word and do not understand what it means. Is it a ghost? I wonder how the early monks described it to the Celts, for whatever those monks did they sure sold the concept of Christianity to the Welsh and Irish. Was the concept of reincarnation turned into life eternal in heaven, and was the Celtic heaven different that the modern heaven where everyone has two cars and a big house and the whole family it there forever. And everyone is on the football team. But I always wonder about did the druids have the concept of forgiveness? Or was forgiveness a new christian term. Whatever, the two ways of seeing the world did clash in Wales and Ireland, and the druids must have cared about the trees and the groves, and as I understand it the Christians burnt them all down. How did that sit with the Celts. Culture wars. What was it? The romans were very full of paying taxes and being all civilized where the barbarians were like motorcycle gangs. I think the barbarians had more fun. But I do agree with you that we can’t ignore the roman descriptions if we want to understand the druids. But the romans said the Druids were like lawyers, didn’t they, and I am not sure the barbarians liked lawyers or would tolerate them, I mean I hate lawyers, so I think we should take the roman descriptions of the druids with a big block of salt. Things were probably settled with blood and knives, than with roman legal battles. Best William