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    This could be interesting to explore because the Hebrew and Aramaic words ruach and rûacḥ, respectively, as well as the Greek word pneuma, used in Old Testament translations all have a core meaning of breath. The word awen also has a similar etymology and so does the Old Irish word ai. In most Trinitarian denominations of Christianity, the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is a third part of the triune nature of God. I don’t think that’s what Welsh and Irish bards meant when they were talking about inspiration. On the other hand, the idea of a divine “force” which, like the very air we breathe, animates us and gives us our life or soul, is not uncommon to many differing belief systems.

    Nonetheless, there is, I believe, no consensus among the various denominations of Christianity or, by extension the Abrahamic faiths, on what the exact definition is and if we start considering the survival of potentially pre-Christian Celtic concepts in Medieval Wales and Ireland, then it gets even more complicated.