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    Hi David, I agree with you on it depends on which gods you are working with. And I would tell you church are usually full of evil spirits, Satan and his crew can go wherever they want for the most part, and by satan I mean any evil spirit. Further, it is rare for most people to ever experience the Holy Spirit. Think of Paul on the road to Damascus. But if you talk to ministers, if they are not bullcrapping you, they will tell you that they have a number of their flock who experience what I am talking about. However, there are churches that are full of love. It just depends. If you are looking at awen as some type of energy that you experience then a grove of trees is where it is at. I have a big tulip popular around where I live and that trees sends me tons of healing energy. But, I am looking at awen as inspiration that flows from the gods. Now I guess it could flow from the consciousness of trees also. Anyway, David, this is just how I experience it. and you are right, you may experience it in a totally different way. I think you have a good explanation of it, coming and going, that seems to be true also. But we may be talking about different kinds of energy. I can go to the same tree of different days and feel nothing from it. but it may also be the state I am in. I find more success in communicating with nature when I meditate first and approach the tree in a roundabout way with intention. The calming down and entering an altered state does help, always.
    When we are in our everyday get stuff done mode, it is really hard to see the spiritual or energy behind nature, and rock just look like rocks and trees just seem to be trees. But when we calm down and meditate, or just get in the right vibe, we can see the energy and consciousness. Also, remember, this is just the way I see stuff, and you should always experience the way you do, as I know you do anyway. David, you have made so really good comments on this awen and spirit thing, and thanks. And I agree with you on most of it. Thanks for you post. Best William