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    I think it would be interesting to connect with the solar energy of the sun in a spiritual way. I think there is evidence that the druids did this. Does anyone know about this? And Dowgri, please continue with any other thoughts you have on all of this. I like your input and in makes me think.
    I am not trying to say we should dismiss awen, or the tales of Taliesin, but I do think we need to look at where they came from. And of course we are all always learning. And the fact is we really don’t have all that much to go on, so we go on what we have. I think that most people would agree that druidry is an alternative form of spirituality. And I do think we get ideas from the past writings we have. I do disagree with you about Ceridwen because I am very close to the goddess and she has told me she is a grain goddess and not a witch. But if you like to see it differently, that is fine. The welsh language is a beautiful language and I love the welsh for fighting for it, what red dragons. And remember, Dowgri, what ever I say, Britain did give us Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Winston Churchill, who is a hero of mine, and who was a military genius for bombing the French fleet so hitler could not use the French ships to invade England. What ever people feel about England and the British, the British have given the world language and a great cultural heritage. I hope most of all that druids will find peace and a relationship with nature. So, there are many ways to climb a tor. Speaking on that, I am thinking of making a druid robe. Some people say muslim is a good material for it because it keeps cool. I really don’t want any thing too hot. And I will have to learn how to use the sewing machine to do this. But I will druid up and get the thing made. I think I also want some embroidery on it. And I would also like a gold torc. But I am a big guy and this will be hard to find, and super expensive, so it needs to be cool. On a lighter note, the druid herbs I planted all died because I forgot to water them, and one day in the sun did them in, so I am going to need to rethink how to get the herbs started from seeds. I may need to build a hot house, but I was also thinking about hydroponics. I wonder if hydroponics is very druidry. And as always I keep finding out more and more about magic, and it seems that once you start on that path the information starts appearing from the universe. I am trying to make time to go to the forest everyday, but right now it is 100 degrees in Virginia during the day. Also, please remember I am not trying to tell anyone how to think, I am just expressing my current views, and I am always open to change, and really enjoy people telling me I am wrong, so that I can rethink my ideas. The goal is to become more enlightened and happy, and not to adhere to some strict religious code. Most of the fun of druidry is experimenting with new ways to look at nature and the world. And that is why I think it would be interesting to explore the energy of the sun, and is it a form of spiritual energy. I mean there does not seem to be a sun god, so the sun must have been its own god. I have found certain Celtic symbols do act as keys to open doors when I meditate, and that is why I mentioned them. Best wishes, and thanks for your input. William