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    It is very important to remember that Taliesin was not a druid. Taliesin was of faery blood and son to the great grain goddess Ceridwen. Ceridwen takes Taliesin from a pile of corn seed. He was never a druid. So to base your concept of druidry on the story of Taliesin is basing your concept of druidry on faery lore and not real druids. However, druids did have a lot to do with the faery kingdoms, but they also have a lot to do with the natural magic of earth energy and spiritual tree magic and spiritual animal magic and spiritual plant magic. The druids were more likely to have used the world inspiration than awen. And inspiration has the world spirit in it. Welsh did not really get going to about 80 ad at best. Awen is a good word though for the modern druid because it means flowing inspiration along with its association with the word aum, or om. Druids were for the most part human, but there were and are some druids like me that do have a wee bit of faery blood in them. So, saying Taliesin was a druid makes no sense. Merlyn was also of faery blood, so can’t be used as a model of a druid either. Most modern Neo pagans want to use the template of a druid as someone who was a big pig in society, like a lawyer, or a doctor. First, you hear stories of the druids being able to stop battles. And nobody can stop a battle unless they have some power backing them up. so the druids had some real magic power, but seems it was not enough on Angsley. I like the idea of druids having groves of trees to worship in and this makes perfect sense to me. The trees would be used as world trees to travel into the Celtic Otherworld realms. Now the poems of Taliesin were written by christian monks trying to entertain themselves and cannot not be used as authentic druid lore. At best they are a mixture of christianity and some local folk tales, and the real Taliesin wrote much better poetry. Neo pagans often point to the poems to further the idea of oneness. But the poems are not about oneness, they are only a imitation of bible verse and latin, which by the way was a language in play after the romans showed up and even before that, because it was being used in Europe. So, in 49ad, there were people speaking latin in Britain, not a lot but traders would use it. Further, people forget the druids were in Scotland and Ireland. It seems to be that this is forgotten or overlooked when people use druidry to enhance their britishness, and some British are more British than others. And there were no radios and tvs and interstates and trains back then, so people did not go all that far, and things were more local and tied to nature for survival. Boats were the way to get around, and there was a lot of boat travel. Also, the people of the early time, were thugs and killed and raped people and stole, and died young from disease. To romanticize the life of a druid is just putting the whole thing in a false world. Life was hard, music was rare, and tribes fought tribes over land and power. I feel that druidry lasted longer in Scotland, and Ireland, but the church did eventually go after it, and the Presbyterians in Scotland to this day hate magic, but not all of them and times are changing. I was talking to this guy from Scotland and he was really against bringing back Gaelic. I got news for him, it is on its way back, and the pigs who have been controlling Scotland are being told by the magical community in Scotland that the pigs days are over. Even in England, times are changing, and people are not going to keep being controlled by the Christian Church and the house of Windsor. The old systems are just not working anymore, and people are tired of the bankers starting wars for profit.