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    SEE going to the source is the whole essence of druidry, and the reason that the druids did not write anything down. If they wrote a book with a series of rules, people would have followed the rules like the obodians follow their lesson books, and miss the whole point of druidry, and be completely mislead. This is why christian fundamentalist are lost, and never find the true meaning of christianity. As a druid, you have to think for yourself, and you have to go directly to the source of inspiration, of nature, of the faery kingdoms to find the answers you seek. Druidry is not a religion where someone will tell you the secrets. Now many people who think they are druids are only following magic. There is nothing wrong with this, but druidry is much more than magic. You have to get beyond a rule book of codified belief to be a druid. I am not saying don’t study magic and the occult, I am only saying that there was a reason the druids did not leave books on this. It was done on purpose so that future druids would not be ruled by dogma and codified belief systems that only lead to a stale and stagnate life. Life is full of magic and wonder, and you have to be open to it, and not think that you have all the answers because you read them in an obodian course. All the time I see authors say on their books that they are obod trained, and I think it is more like obod brainwashed. The one other thing I see that makes no sense is people who say they are atheist and call themselves druids. This makes no sense to me. The very essence of being a druid is spiritual, it is more than just cheap magic tricks to get sex and money. Druidry will never be a path for those who want to follow and do not want to question and go against the channel of thought that is controlling society. Druids think for themselves, and question the status quo. We do not accept the blind authority of religions. And we think deeply. We are more than philosophers, we are explorers of the natural spiritual world.