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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    In keeping with this Forum, I have found a Link to the Paganistic Traditions and Histories of Walking Staves and Walking Sticks:

    It describes that various Spiritualities of various Pantheons involved in making Ceremonial Walking Sticks and goes into the Histories of Walking Sticks being used for Defense as well as Ceremonial Purposes.

    So every Tree Branch I take has to have some sort of Ceremonial Meaning to it so that the Walking Stick can have some Special Significance to it.

    Yesterday, while on the way to the Community Garden, I spotted a Tree Branch hanging down from a Alder Tree. After spotting it, I decided to stop back and pick it up after doing my day of Community Gardening. I know call it the July 18th Grandview Highway Sramadana Stick to represent the day that I did some Sramadana Gardening at the Temple Garden.

    It is now in the Back Seat of the Canadamobile. The Canadamobile is now parked with Full Exposure of the Sun making it perfect as a Walking Stick Drying Kiln.