Reply To: Bardic Journal

Sue Cottle

    I currently run 3 journals, 2 of which are online. I have journaled for most of my adult life (at least the last 30 years) and always used notebooks of varying sizes. I now use Penzu for a personal journal and a ‘Bardic Journey’ journal. I can insert photos taken with my phone, or from things like Facebook. I have arthritis in my hands, so find it very difficult and painful to write, whereas typing is still easy. I also have a hardback notebook “Wild New Zealand – A Journal” with lovely pictures in it that things like specific notes from a Gwers, Tarot/Oracle readings etc go in – but these entries are short and sweet. I’m hoping to get a nice recycled, heavy paper journal to continue in, as Wild NZ is over half-full. I rarely remember my dreams, but they go in my Penzu journal.